MCABW's P.O.W.E.R. Program Graduates

June 2019 Graduates —

Melissa Bowie joined MCABW as a member in 2018 and became co-leader of The Woodlands First Friday Coffee.

As a recent graduate of the Mentoring Program she is learning how to increase her communication and articulate herself with confidence in the work environment.

”I absolutely LOVE my job and the people I work with"

Melissa is HR Admin for Sage Surfaces- a national company supplying the Allen and Roth kitchen counter tops for Lowe’s- locally owned and employing over 40 people.

  • As a graduate from the Mentoring Program Melissa learned:
    Business Communication skill
  • Advanced level of Self-Confidence
  • Stronger relationships in the workplace

Congratulations, Melissa!!!

Vivian Kahla joined MCABW as a member in 2018 and became a part of the Fundraising Committee.

As a recent graduate of the Mentoring Program she is learning to look at her business in a different perspective.

”Through the Mentoring Program, I learned new stress relief techniques, organizing goals and work schedule, financial advice to help me now and in the future and social media ideas to help my business marketing strategy."

Vivian is an Associate for LegalShield. Connect with her at 281-254-0147

As a graduate from the Mentoring Program Vivian learned:

  • Stress Management
  • Organization Skills
  • Social Media Techniques
  • Financial Managment

Congratulations, Vivian!!!

Pat Brandt is a Founding Member of MCABW since 2005. She was a Board member with a role of Vice President for 3 years and is a recent graduate of the MCABW Mentoring Program.

"MCABW has always felt like family to me. The members help each other, help young ladies with scholarships, and help the community"

Pat is an Associate for LegalShield and IDShield- attorneys providing advice on unlimited issues, attorney letters or calls made on your behalf, contract and document review, a Will and many more benefits. IDShield monitors your identity every month and restores it if it is stolen.

As a graduate from the Mentoring Program Pat learned:

  • Improved Networking Skills
  • Better Ways to Market her Business
  • Increased Motivation and Confidence

Congratulations, Pat!!!

The first 2 graduates in 2019 of the Power Mentoring Program were Lisa Wishoun Day of Field of Vision, LLC, and Leigh K. Freeman, Attorney at Law.

“MCABW is built on the idea of women helping women.  The coaching I received in the mentorship program is a great example of putting this idea into practice that will directly benefit my firm,” said Leigh Freeman.  Ms. Freeman is a business law attorney in The Woodlands who counsels individuals, businesses and non-profits on corporate and transactional matters.

Lisa Wishoun Day is the Founder of Field of Vision Financial Services.

“Being a part of their mentor program was essential to my success.  They guided me through networking opportunities, business compliance, ways to give back to our community through social services, and how to get my name out in the community as a woman owned business, as well as many other aspects”